It is a residential building made of studios designed by Sangiorgio team in order to maximize the space without sacrificing elegant design and high-end materials.
Melamine with 3D finishing, matt lacquering based on beige “warm” colour, Corian tops for kitchen and toilette counter, all this makes the studio cozy and chic, thanks also to the combination with colour shadows, chairs in transparent polycarbonate which are in contrast with the “material” effect of the furniture.
The bed integrated in the wardrobe is equipped with the newest mechanism on the market, and combines the practicality of the space-saving solution with eye-catching aesthetic and clean lines.


With thirty years experience in the furniture for children and teenagers, Sangiorgio oversaw the project of a kinder garten from the design phase to the manufacturing of tailored products. Sangiorgio used shapes and materials suitable for the end users, with non-toxic water-based paints, rounded corners, environmentally friendly coatings and special seatings for children. Even the color choices, different for each classroom, are studied to improve the end-users’ experience within the environment. The upholstered seats convertable into sleeping mats for children are very specific and suitable for resting after the lessions.

Sprinxtechnologies Headquarter

Headquarter of a prestigious high-tech company, Sangiorgio took care of fit-out and furniture, with minimal solutions in terms of geometry but with studied details. A master piece the big partition wall in perforated metal between the meeting room and the open space; the partition, thanks to the sliding movement, can join or divide the spaces as needed. Desks with 45-degree angles, white lacquers for the fixed furniture and black for the desks, refined chairs and handcrafted details create an elegant atmosphere appropriate for the company headoffice.

Audi&VW Group Headoffice

Designed exclusively for the customer, Sangiorgio furnished all the operational and executive offices for Q-Auto Group in Doha, setting a standard for the brand. More than 150 workstations were produced, customized per finishing according to the contest. The workstations include partition panels in fabric between a desk and the other, aesthetically pleasing and useful for pining documents and notes. All the desks have cable conduites under the top and flaps on the top. Meeting rooms, executive offices and owner’s office, made of precious veneered woods and sophisticated details, complete the project. Common areas and reception areas are designed to be harmonized with the general mood. Right for this reason Sangiorgio used materials and finishings which recall the offices.

Ghanem Holding Headquarter

An exclusive and unique project of its kind: Sangiorgio designed, manufactured and installed 65 offices, meeting rooms, majlis using the most refined classical “Made in Brianza” manufacture, with carved and inlaid products combined with leathers carefully selected one by one. The result is a series of fascinating and unique environments that give quality excellence at first sight and then to the touch, with suggestive and unrepeatable atmospheres. A reference point for office projects in the Middle East.

Private Company Headoffice

An office project designed and manufactured by Sangiorgio, with 80 workstations and cabinets, in addition to the executive offices, created combining precious wood with equipped wall panelling, leather, chromed finishing and marble. The meeting room is a high-end single piece: the wood panelling like a “chessboard” conceals hidden compartments behind the wooden surface. The meeting table 6 meters long with inserts in fine leather and electric flaps for audio, video and electrical outlets has been produced in a single copy. The operative offices keep the same refined style of the ensemble, thanks to the partition panels upholstered with fabric between a station and the other which have the same finishing of the chairs.

Club House

Sangiorgio designed and manufactured the furniture for the club house of an exclusive golf course, including the restaurant and café area. The combination of skillfully worked fine woods to create partitions, wall panels and claddings, along with the finest genuine leather, marble and chromed metal details, create a series of beautiful and refined sorroundings. The most impacting piece of the project is the sculptural suspended partition (11 meters long), made of “organ pipes”, veneered in grey elm and enriched with LED lights recessed between a pipe and another. All components have a high content of craftsmanship, with high-end pieces tailor made for the project, which show the Made in Italy tailoring.

QF Student Housing

For the prestigious campus in Doha, Sangiorgio created a custom-made solution to furnish the rooms of male and female blocks: the modular wall-system, a wall cladding system allowing to “hang” all the furniture designed specifically for the project, and then to change the layout of the room according to students’ needs but always never loosing functionality and aesthetic consistency. The details of the aluminum profiles, fabric inserts differentiated by apartment type and the magnetic panel embellish the wall with the “made in Italy” touch combining aesthetics, functionality and technology.

Hotel Bursa

Sangiorgio drew first and then realized the complete furnishings of this hotel apartment, including kitchens and bathrooms. An original project that starts from the choice of materials: postformed polymer that allows to obtain special visual effects, combining glossy white and glossy black. The TV cabinet, the kitchen, the wardrobes and the headboard are made by this particular polymer, with the inclusion of LED lights to emphasize the surfaces and to create a charming atmosphere. Of great impact the TV integrated in a panel with mirror front side, that changes the reflectance if the appliance is switched off or on.

California Resort

One of the most exclusive new compound in Saudi Arabia, followed from the early stages of interior design. Sangiorgio designed all the interiors, using innovative materials for the furniture designed specifically for the project. The living area was specifically designed to take advantage from the “shaped” spaces, with the introduction of suspended bookcases covered with mirrors, which greatly increase the perceived size of the environment. Scratch-proof lacquering and stain-resistant fabrics combine perfect properties for residential use with eye-catching aesthetic and perfectly integrated into the overall style. Mirrors and glasses give lightness to the furniture.

Arizona Golf Resort

The most prestigious resort in Riyadh, with its picturesque location including the golf course, chose Sangiorgio as partner for the renewal of all the furniture of the villas, apartments and suites, surrounded by spectacular gardens and swimming pools. Sangiorgio designed and produced customized furniture for each housing typology, thought in a very modern and elegant way, without renouncing to refined details and quality materials. The neutral tones of white, grey and turtledove color restored new splendor, making the rooms very luminous and welcoming. The fabrics, leathers and the metal details go perfectly with the mood of the environment, creating clean and elegant atmospheres like a sort of visual and tactile fil rouge.

H2ome apartments

A 5-star project combining luxury and green design, where Sangiorgio furnished 12 private residences with a 360 degrees project, acting as sole supplier of furniture, complements and accessories. Made by the design office in the company, each private apartment was refined to the smallest details: glossy lacquered kitchens with details in brushed aluminium and doors with electric opening, living room furniture in walnut and precious satin lacquers, fabrics and leathers carefully selected for the upholsteries and beds, tables in corian and teak.

Ghanem residences

Sangiorgio manufactured the furniture for these prestigious apartments, including living area, dining area, bookcases, bedrooms and outdoor. It also provided all the accessories coordinated with the project, such as curtains, rugs, lamps and artworks. The walnut finishing, the lacquered glass, the chromed metal and the genuine leather embellish the details of these 5-star apartments. The products were designed, manufactured and installed by Sangiorgio.

Private Apartments

Every detail of these 2 private residences is the result of high-end craftmanship to create a contemporary style with the Made in Italy taste. The warm-coloured woods, the brushed gold details on expertly carved frames, the finely selected Emperador marbles, the “Primofiore” leather and the velvets for the upholstered items, the complements and the headboards manufactured as unique pieces for the customer, all these features make inimitable this top class project.

Residential Tower

A residential tower of high-end quality construction, where Sangiorgio made the sample furniture for each apartment type, as sole supplier for interior furniture, finishes and accessories. Kitchens, fixed furniture and wall panelling, bathrooms and doors, made of oak and wengé with a 45° grain, fabrics and leathers for upholsteries and beds, tables and accessories customized according to design requirements. Curtains, lighting and artworks complete the turn-key project. Even the wallpapers are executed by Sangiorgio, in perfect coordination with the colour scheme of each apartment.

Magazzino Italian Art

“Magazzino Italian Art” is a private museum upstate New York representing excellence and is the reference point for Italian “arte povera” and contemporary art in the United States. Sangiorgio took part in this prestigious project as supplier of all tailored furniture and displays, with finishes in veneered wood and RAL lacquers chosen by the nominated architect, with an incredible integration between building structure and furniture. The project appeared in all main US newspapers and websites.

Residence La Perla

A building with 14 customized apartments, designed by Sangiorgio in collaboration with the architect nominated by the client. The uniqueness of the residential complex, in addition to the unique position on Como lake, is in having experienced a series of innovative and different materials for each apartment: stones, cork, metal, plexiglass used for wall panelling and furniture. The custom made furniture and the personalized accessories for each apartment give the project an exclusive “tailor cut”.