We are proud to produce the original Made in Italy for over 300 years. Our origins are the best guarantee of our product and in our territory our roots. Only through such an important heritage and a jealously guarded know-how, all contemporary production reaches quality peaks that distinguish the company. In 2000 Sangiorgio Mobili has been structured in a holding with several modern production facilities in Brianza area and worldwide distribution. In the most important ad strategic countries sales offices have been opened to follow the contract division which represents the biggest income of the company and employees a large part of the human resources. The general management and the project management remain in the historical headquarter in Biassono, where there is also the main production plant of 20,000 indoors square meters.

"Great stories starts from afar.
300 years of passion for our work."



Sangiorgio brothers, for decades in Biassono with their own cabinetmaking shop, were engaged to produce window frames and some furniture pieces for the prestigious "Reggia di Monza", under the direction of the famous architect Piermarini.


the task is passed on from father to son, but there are no written records. Several tools of that time were found and restored, now they are displayed in the company museum.


it is opened the new laboratory of about 200 square meters in Biassono, in a building dated 1700. The activities cover all woodworks. The renovation of the furniture, flooring and window frames of the royal palace in Monza is commissioned during this time. The shop already has about ten employees. Today the municipality of Biassono has appointed as Museum the building that housed Sangiorgio activity.


the realization of art nouveau wood grandstands for "Mirabello" hippodrome in the park of Monza is commissioned to Sangiorgio and other carpenters of the area. The grandstands have a capacity of about 1,500 seats, designed by the architect Vietti-Violi.


under the guidance of Felice Sangiorgio and his sons Cesare and Arturo are realized the "large cupola", walnut walls, doors in walnut and glass for the manufacturing company "Pastors and Casanova" of Monza, designed by Arch. Maggi and Eng. Carera. In the 2000s the building became the headquarters of the new province of Monza and Brianza, then passed under the protection of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano - Italian National Trust).


a distinctive feature defining the company in the following decades is introduced in this timeframe. The series production and the abandonment of craft work will lay the foundation for conversion to industry in the second half of the century. Brothers Cesare and Arturo begin to realize the aircraft propellers, taking advantage from the growing demand during the war.


the transformation from craft work to industry has begun. Thanks to the specialization in sittings for cinemas and theaters, the company gets big orders, such as "Teatro Manzoni" in Milan, renewed after the war, and "Cinema Ponti" in Monza. This type of production will continue until 1950.


brothers Vittorio and Antonio, who lead the company, have an insight that will be the fortune of that period. They start the production of furniture with foldaway beds, introducing in the Italian furniture market the "movements". These space-saving solutions capture in full the need of a growing class of workers who live in apartments with reduced size and who need new furniture concept. The mass-production has become the corporate standard, new strategies are studied to speed up the processing cycles in order to meet the demand of the growing market.


The new production facility of 2,300 square meters is opened in Biassono, giving a significant boost to the production processes. In the same year the company takes part as exhibitor at the second edition of "Salone del Mobile" in Milan, consolidating its presence for the next 49 years, till 2011.


on the wake of the economic boom in Italy, the product range is expanded with a new collection of wardrobes. New sales strategies are studied introducing local agents and product catalogues.


brothers Giulio and Cesare together with brothers Luigi and Mariella join the company and will lead it from the 80s till today.


these are years of innovation for various business areas, materials, product ranges and marketing strategies. It is introduced the use of melamine panel and the collections of kids furniture are signed for the first time by designers outside the company. The result is a concept of aesthetic appeal together with product quality which has always been the trademark of the company. The first foreign trade missions in Russia bring to the acquisition of a major project for the company, the furniture supply for the " Olympic Housing" in Moscow.


with the acquisition of "GIBIEFFE" company, the construction of the new production site of 8,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters of area, the company has a further impetus, now it is a modern and dynamic industry with foreign ambitions. The company core business is based on children bedrooms, an area with great development. The new collection TIP TAP will revolutionize the furniture market in Italy, with the introduction of the system with "supporting side" and a series of solutions still in use today.


Sangiorgio brings to Italy as exclusive importer a new material by Dupont which will effect deeply the furniture market. CORIAN.


years dedicated to the commercial development of the company, with national leadership targets for children furniture field and international ambitions. The result is a distribution in about 300 stores in Italy and 40 overseas. The presence at the major exhibitions in Italy becomes constant, as well as advertising campaigns in the most prestigious furniture and weekly magazines dedicated to women.


the commercial expansion on the Italian and international markets is marked by the attendance at international furniture fairs such as New York, Moscow and Valencia, and the opening of flagship stores "Mondoragazzi". In the advertising field are introduced some innovations which are the firsts for the period: a 3D movie of Sangiorgio collection shown at Milan furniture fair in 1996 and distributed by Mondadori is a revolutionary event for the furniture industry. In the decade the production site is expanded reaching almost 20,000 square meters of factory, showroom and offices.


the economic crisis marks the Italian industry, and the furniture sector is one of the most affected. Sangiorgio Mobili will take some strategies to face the situation by shifting its focus in the international projects. A "contract division" is open, in addition to the new design department. A new loading area of 3,000 square meters is set up to meet the logistics needs. The big project in Qatar for new student housing in Doha will mark the turn and will put the base of the business and the organization of the following years. During this period the new Sangiorgio generation in the person of Simone, Gabriele and David joins the company in order to give continuity to family history.


for the last years Sangiorgio Mobili has been structured as a modern company with several satellite production sites and established partners in Brianza, with sales offices and sales team in various foreign countries, but keeping the general management, the project management and the main production site in the historical site located in Biassono.