Sangiorgio, like any family companies linked to the territory, preserves, passes on and innovates the milestones on which the company was founded, in order to adapt itself to market changes without loosing its own identity.

"The unmistakable touch of the Italian style gives our products a unique and instantly recognizable appeal."


The taste for beauty, purity of lines, the originality of the content have always been the hallmark of the Italian design, much celebrated in the world and recognized as a light in the international furniture scene. Sangiorgio Mobili, during its history, has faced the design matter with great seriousness, creativity and even courageous choices, both in the retail and contract market. Right for this last one, which is the core business of Sangiorgio Mobili since the 2000s onwards, was created a design department inside the company, dedicated only to study design solutions for turn-key projects. With such a specialized and highly organized department, Sangiorgio Mobili is able to dialogue with the major international design studios about projects with an already approved design, or can offer the client, who needs a new project, a solution which is every time unique and tailored according to client’s specific needs. From our design department, two identical projects never come out, this to reflect the creativity and rigor for customer management in each market.

"Made in Italy... Made in Brianza.
A great product never forsakes its own origins."


With a history which dates back to 1700, Sangiorgio is a historical family in the world of italian furnishing. Industrial production today hasn’t forgotten its origin:thanks to such an important legacy and a jealously kept “know how”,all contemporary production reaches peak levels of high quality that distinguish the company. Modern technological production machinery alongside expertise,vigilant eyes and a workforce limited to this area,famed throughout the world for interior design:brianza. Sangiorgio’s products are produced and packaged like a “bespoke suit”,all within the factory in biassono: the contribution of skillful craftsmanship to the industrial production creates an exclusive and unique product. A large amount of work which goes into the end-product is carried out by skilled craftsmen,which gives absolute and unalterable tangible qualities. Made in italy is one of the prerogatives of Sangiorgio… TO Guarantee the sophistication of a product which derives from its history.

"Excellence: the only admitted result. Perfection is our only obsession."


The production philosophy which has always characterised Sangiorgio products is based on quality. Not just the high standard of the product itself but also the sales and customer service have the prestige of Sangiorgio. Only carefully chosen materials which have been tested thoroughly are used in Sangiorgio collections:hard wearing,durable materials with close attention to detail…
And it’s the close attention to detail which makes the difference:bringing the same sensation of amazement everyday when noticing the fine details as felt at first glance of the product.
Perfection is our only obsession:
Who choses sangiorgio, choses an experience:products which don’t date or age whilst respecting the environment.
The quality of production goes hand in hand with first class sales and customer service:
A network of serious professionals who support and advise the client throughout the design,the purchase and installation and a specific division at sangiorgio which follows the entire post sales and assistance process. Sangiorgio builds a professional relationship with the client based on respect: thus obtaining a level of “know how” and style appreciated throughout the world.

"Think green. Ecological and sustainable vision for the production: always our mission."


Sangiorgio has always paid particular attention and respect towards the environment, using resourses and making efforts to obtain tangible results in the finished prouct and above all in the production process. Over the past 20 years the management has developed a strategy with 3 branches:
Energy saving,productive material and correct disposal and transport. Sangiorgio makes use of all surplus materials ,helping cut down on waste and energy consumption.all waste materials are disposed of in the correct and most ecologically friendly way.
The “ecological spirit” is also present in the packaging which is almost 100% recyclable.