Young is a classic and fine collection of low beds, suitable for children rooms, for both a younger target and adolescent: the joints at 45 degrees in aluminum and shaped headboards give these beds charm that stands the test of time. In addition to the series of bunk beds, which make Sangiorgio children bedrooms unique of their kind, has been created a wide collection of low beds, designed for all possible users and needs. The Happy Single collection aims to satisfy the tastes of the most awared children, claiming not only a comfortable bed but aesthetically and functionally satisfying, which perfectly integrates with the mood of their bedrooms. The Happy Single beds are upholstered or in metal, traditional or with three back panels: everyone can find the most suitable bed, taking advantage not only from the attractive and sophisticated design, but also from the several possible customization, playing with colors, materials and finishes The 38 colors can be used for all fabrics and melamine finishes, from headboards to bed front sides; all the chromatic scale can be used also to customize all the aluminum finishings. Even the eco-leather can be used to cover a part or even all the details. Sangiorgio goes beyond the infinite customization of its children bedrooms: If the standard colors are not enough, just provide a specific RAL and you will have the the desired color.