If we can talk about revolution for children furniture, Sesamoh® plays one of the most significant innovations in the history of children bedrooms, representing one of the most successful products developed and manufactured by Sangiorgio. With Sesamoh® you need a simple movement and, thanks to the camouflaged castors, the upper bed slides forward discovering the stairs: The intelligent and ergonomic mechanism allows to use the bed only when needed, and gives the bedrooms a double look, during the day and during the night. In everyday life the bed hides the stairs, without filling important space inside the room; at night you slide the structure with a simple movement in order to reach the bed, besides storing all your items inside the drawers coming out from the steps. The space below the bed can be used with smart and saving space solutions, as a second bed, typical problem in children bedrooms with few space. Otherwise you can set up a study area with desk and shelves. If the space was a real problem, you could even have a big closet in the area under the bed. Sesamoh® combines the quality and sophistication of Sangiorgio with the originality and intelligence of advanced mechanical and functional solutions.