Platone composition is a technological and very practical proposal that Sangiorgio applies to its children bedrooms, offering the opportunity to furnish with two bunk beds even those rooms with not very high ceilings or mansards. Platone is lower than a traditional bunk bed and can guest two beds on only one wall, optimizing the vertical and the horizontal space. Platone beds, thanks to an ingenious mechanism, allow to easily make the upper bed, avoiding all the problems of the traditional bunk beds. The innovating system allows the bed to be moved safely with a simple and easy movement, avoiding strenuous operations and above all allowing to make the upper bed staying on floor. By the way this is not the only novelty: below the upper bed can studied various solutions to take advantage in an intelligent and sophisticated manner of all the available space. Of great effect, both aesthetically and functionally, it is the study area obtained in the said spot, which is the typical solution for bedrooms with limited space. Or you can use this space as a storage closed with two doors. The bottom bed can be with two large drawers. The bookcases with metal poles give a modern touch to bedrooms making all light and functional.