Sangiorgio has always been an innovative company and careful to the needs of the fast-developing children and young people who choose its products. The loft is a creative solution to maximise funcionality, flexibility and design in a limited space. The raised/cabin structure allows you to move on upper level an important part of everyday life, reducing the surface on the ground, and maximizing the available area. The study area, which is located usually near the bed, moved on the loft, creating a ‘niche’ for the child, from which he can also reach the upper bed. A second bed can be placed on the floor, which also has an important secondary function but extremely intelligent: a deep, practical compartment is positioned under the loft, with the aim to contain everything that normally never finds space in the bedrooms. . This type of solution makes very liveable bedrooms and allows to exploit the loft with any ceiling heights. Thanks to an innovative and elegant solution, the bedrooms furnished with Leonardo have two great points: livability and privacy. The lower bed placed at a 45 degree angle with respect to the upper bed create the space for a large desk.