Kubika Red&Blue

Kubika reinterprets all the basic concepts of ‘children’s bedrooms’, eliminating mannerisms, purifying the shapes and exploring new sensorial territories. The design and materials make a unique solution: the introduction of Parapan® works well with the new and primordial shapes, the result is being able to place rational elements irrationally: the wall can be “shaped” with translucent cubes, according to the taste, in order to create new solutions on demand. The bedrooms will never be as they are in the collective imagination. There is no limit to imagination, there is no limit to reinvention of the concept of children furniture: with the modularity of the cubes you can create many different effects, also thanks to original and customized solutions, such as branded LCDs perfectly integrated in the wall elements. The geometry of the cube is also on the doors of the cabinets where the combination of Parapan® colours creates games of symmetry and elegance, with the possibility of endless customizations for all conceivable variants of bedrooms. The surprise continues in the interior: the details of Parapan® and glass in the same colours are combined with backlit back panels, novelty of great visual and functional impact, to make all the children bedrooms high-tech corners. The suspended desks summarize the techno-chic style of Kubika®: essential, elegant, clean lines, equipped with magnetic back, with magnets to hang anything you want. The traditional bedrooms are only a memory compared to the environments created with Kubika.