Kubika Blue&White

In traditional bedrooms there is no more space for some important elements such as the ‘trundle bed’: Kubika®, with its technological and chic style, resumes this important need and makes it new. Thanks to this new bed, which seems to be suspended and hollow inside, has been realized a multifunctional second bed. A pouf made of “technical” material, designed to become armchair and second bed if needed! Kubika® bedrooms change face time by time: from trendy bedrooms for teenagers and places for relax, to bedrooms to guest friends if needed. But the real strength of customization is the ability to organize and arrange the cubic elements according to your imagination in order to create unconventional effects, and to “reshape” the look of your room if needed: there is no constraint beyond your magination in order to create suspended combinations, “shaping” the walls with the cubic elements of different sizes and colors. And if the Kubika mood were not enough defined, you could always play with the elements on floor, with elegant white wheels to make unconventional containers and in the same time practical and highly aesthetic. Kubika bedrooms always follow mood and needs of those who live it changing appearance and substance if necessary.