Sangiorgio creativity, always careful to perceive the needs of parents and children, presents with Galileo bed the latest response to the need of transforming children bedrooms in increasingly flexible environments, with simple movements the environment can be changed to suit particular needs. Sangiorgio bedrooms bring technology and creativity in everyday life. Simply ‘pulling’ a desk on guides you get a great table with drawers and open cabinets. When no longer needed, it disappears in a while and the bed with container mounted on special wheels is reachable. Galileo composition condenses in a small space all the functionality required for bedrooms of other dimensions, without sacrificing anything which is necessary. The upper bed uses an ingenious mechanism allowing you to easily make the bed, avoiding all the problems of the traditional bunk beds: the innovative system allows the upper bed to ‘lift down’, avoiding strenuous operations and above all allowing to make the upper bed staying on floor. Galileo is the perfect solution in order not to steal important space to children bedrooms of any sizes, and to use two beds without all the constraints and problems of the traditional products.