“Bridge” systems

For the children bedrooms with the need to rationalize the space, Sangiorgio reinterprets the concept of ‘bridge’: a traditional solution that can find many shades in a modern way. The aim is to use all the available space in the room: the corner-bridge is a clever solution to exploit in the best way the space under the hanging cabinets without renouncing all the elements that usually are in the most spacious and elaborated compositions. The doors can be enriched with surfaces in tempered lacquered glass with the chance to choose between all the colour range of Sangiorgio: the composition proposed with this solution concentrate in few space very special refinement and character. Under the bridge, exploiting the L-shaped spot, bed, desk and practicle bookcases can find place making in few space a collected atmosphere but with all the comfort of bigger rooms. The Happy Single beds embellish the bridge compositions, finding perfectly their space in the L-shaped niche and allowing to place other elements as well, such as desks and shelves. Very nice is the upholstered bed in sofa way, which can be used during the day as couch and during the night as real bed. Sangiorgio bridge-compositions are a studied and effective alternative for small spaces.